Can I Eat a Burger When I Have Braces?

November 7, 2022
Can I Eat a Burger When I Have Braces?

According to a family dentist in Cherry Hills, CO, some patients experience sensitivity or soreness in their teeth for a few days after having braces or after an adjustment. You may have to keep a soft diet at this time.  

Always chew your food thoroughly and steer clear of anything particularly sticky or difficult to chew when wearing braces. Your food can be divided up into bite-sized portions.

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Life With Braces  

What You Can Eat When You Have Braces  

The foods on the list are just a small selection of those that are okay to eat while wearing braces. You'll eventually get used to it and resume eating regularly. However, you must constantly be cautious when chewing to protect your braces.  

To ensure that there are no leftover food particles stuck between your braces, you should brush your teeth after eating, if you can, or at the very least rinse your mouth.  

  • Icy Treat  
  • Pancakes  
  • Chicken Fajitas  
  • Burgers  
  • Sandwiches  
  • Smoothies  
  • Egge Omelet  
  • Congee  
  • Pasta  
  • Buttery Potatoes  
  • Oatmeal  
  • Noodles or Soup  

Can Someone with Braces Eat Burgers?    

If you’re curious whether someone can eat burgers when they have braces, you’re reading the right article. The clear-cut response to this answer is Yes. However, there are several things you should think about.  

It would be best to wait a few days before eating a burger because your teeth and gums will be sore. Your mouth has undergone a lot of treatment, so you don't want to aggravate it further than necessary. So even though we understand how much you want that burger, give it a little more time before devouring it.  

Foods You Need to Avoid  

You don't have to consume bland food while you wear braces, but you also can't eat the same things you used to. To prevent harming the wires or brackets, you have to be aware of the foods you need to stay away from.  

  • Corn on the Cob  
  • Ice  
  • Hard Crackers or Pretzels  
  • Hard Bagels or Bread Rolls  
  • Chewy or Hard Candy  
  • Chewing Gum  
  • Nuts  
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