This revolutionary technology empowers us to deliver “crown in a day” procedures that have become so popular in recent years. We use the CEREC machine to digitally map, design, and construct dental restorations without having to send molds to a lab. With the CEREC device, we can construct durable dental restorations in as little as two hours so you can leave our office with visible results after a single visit.

We’ve used CEREC since 2009, and the technology is constantly improving. That’s why we continue to invest in this state-of-the-art equipment so we can deliver unmatched accuracy and longevity for every restoration procedure.


Cone beam CT scans provide more information than conventional dental x-rays, allowing for more precise treatment planning. A CBCT Scan is beneficial to both dentists and patients because it shows a better overall view of your entire mouth, jaw, nasal passages, and airway.

This innovative technology takes over 150 pictures and seamlessly stitches together a 3D image that shows bone, airway, and soft tissues, as well as any previous dental work, hidden wisdom teeth, or pathology. All this information allows us to make more informed decisions about your dental treatment plan, enabling more effective and durable results.

CT scanning is painless, non-invasive, and accurate. The cherry on top? Although CBCT scans use radiation, they use much less than the CT scans you are used to and are proven to be very safe.


Biolase is one of the leaders in medical laser technology. Lasers can be calibrated to serve several purposes in dentistry. On certain settings, the light can stimulate cell growth and regeneration to expedite the healing process. At higher intensities, lasers can be used to whiten teeth, make incisions, or cauterize wounds.

This means that even the most routine of procedures like deep cleanings (scaling and root planing) are made more efficient and healing times shorter. Lasers can also be used to eliminate ulcers and cold sores without extended healing times and to address residual bleeding and inflammation during re-care visits. By using this technology, our office can deliver faster and more effective treatments while limiting pain and discomfort.