Thank you for Choosing Sopris Smiles!

We are so excited to welcome our new patients to our one-of-a-kind dental practice. At Sopris Smiles, we understand the shortfalls of the traditional dental experience. We know better than most how anxiety-inducing visiting the dentist can be - the long waits, the uncomfortable offices, and the generally uninviting settings. So, we wanted to make a practice that was different.

The second you walk through our doors you'll be greeted with warm smiles and an inviting atmosphere. Our office is designed to be comfortable so waiting doesn't feel like pulling teeth (pardon the pun). We also use the most advanced equipment available to minimize your pain and discomfort, while maximizing the effectiveness of the process.

We invite you to browse our site and get to know us a little better. We can't wait to meet you!


Our goal is to ensure your teeth are healthy long after you leave our practice. That is why we emphasize patient education, so that you know exactly what to do to minimize the chances of having to come in for an unplanned visit.

If you have been regular about your dental care and have no concerns then we will typically schedule you with our hygienist for 90-120 minutes. At this appointment we will also take a full set of X-rays and do a thorough examination. If the health of your mouth and time allows, we will also complete a healthy mouth cleaning called a prophy (prophylaxis). The dentist will come in and review the findings of the hygienist and review the X-rays and photos. If there is any treatment recommended then we will create a treatment plan and explain the next steps.

Please complete our New Patient Online Registration before visiting the office. We look forward to meeting you!