Worst Food for Your Teeth  

April 6, 2022
Worst Food for Your Teeth  

Your oral health speaks a lot about your overall health. That’s why it only takes one look from your dentist to know whether you’re healthy or not. If you’re looking for a way to improve your oral health, then you might want to see why a dentist in Englewood, CO, would recommend that you avoid these types of foods.  

a woman refusing a glass of red wine as instructed by her dentist in englewood co

Avoid These Types of Foods

Carbonated Drinks  

Carbonated drinks are the number one cause of tooth decay in adults. Needless to say, while not all adults consume sugary desserts and candies, the majority of them still consume carbonated drinks regularly. If you seriously want to avoid cavities, then it's best if you reduce your consumption of soft drinks, energy drinks, and carbonated fruit juices.  

Sugary Sweets and Candies  

These types of foods are often the cause of tooth decay and cavities in teenagers, especially in children. If you want to avoid having damaged teeth when you get older, it’s best if you reduce your consumption of sugary sweets as early as possible. Avoiding candies and sweets will benefit your oral health and your overall health.

Coffee and Wine  

Some foods and drinks can also cause staining and discoloration. If you’re a wine or coffee drinker, you’ll know this all too well. One of the major causes of teeth stains are the pigments coming from coffee and wine, which stick to your teeth. You can avoid teeth stains caused by these foods by drinking plenty of water and brushing your teeth.  

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