Why Is Necessary to Get Fluoride for Dental Health

September 2, 2022
Why Is Necessary to Get Fluoride for Dental Health

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that can be present in rocks, soil, water, and even the air. Fluoride helps prevent cavities in children and adults, creating a protective film over the teeth, mainly in areas more vulnerable to tooth decay. The outer surface of your teeth, enamel, will be more resistant to acid attacks. Consult your dentist in Cherry Hills about all the benefits fluoride can provide that can be otherwise missed during your daily dental care.  

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Fluoride Treatment at Dentist Office  

Fluoride treatments are typically professional procedures that a dentist or dental hygienist applies to a patient's teeth to enhance oral health and lower the risk of cavities. These in-office procedures could come in the shape of a varnish, gel, solution, or foam.  

When you get a fluoride treatment at your dentist's office, they use similar fluoride in the toothpaste. However, the therapy contains much higher doses and may offer faster benefits. The medication, however, involves far more significant amounts and might provide results more quickly.  

Know the Benefits of Fluoride  

Having a fluoride routine has plenty of benefits for your teeth:  

  • It facilitates the body's greater use of minerals, including calcium and phosphate. Teeth reabsorb these minerals to strengthen brittle tooth enamel.
  • It integrates with the tooth structure during tooth development to fortify the enamel of the teeth, making them permanently less susceptible to germs and cavities.
  • Damaging the microorganisms that cause cavities slows or even stops the formation of cavities.  

If you combine all of these, the benefits will help you to:  

  • Reduce the chance of cavities and tooth decay  
  • Postpone the need for costly dental work  
  • Maintain the health of the infant's teeth  

According to the World Health Organization, fluoride treatments improve oral health, preventing cavities and slowing the growth of bacteria.  

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Do You Need to Visit a Dentist in Cherry Hills?  

Fluoride treatment is necessary to help you maintain oral health. Schedule an appointment with your dentist to discuss your concerns and get essential suggestions about oral care.