What to Do in the Event of Dental Trauma?

February 6, 2023
What to Do in the Event of Dental Trauma?

Any person can suffer dental trauma at any age, although childhood and adolescence are two particularly vulnerable stages for this emergency. Whether due to falls, accidents, or sports-related situations, dental trauma isn’t uncommon. It’s important to know how to act if it occurs and to always have an emergency dentist in Cherry Hills that you can call. Let’s read more about the matter.

emergency dentist in cherry hills removes a damaged tooth

What is Dental Trauma?

Dental trauma is an injury to a dental piece, the bone, and other supporting tissues due to the action of a blow or physical impact on the area.

What to Do

Keep Calm

Don’t act anxious, desperate, or shout; calmness will be of great help. If the one who has suffered the accident is a child, don’t be nervous and simply call the dentist immediately.

Clean the Wound and Stop the Bleeding

The soft tissues of the mouth are very vascularized and that’s why cuts usually produce abundant bleeding. Wash the wound carefully to observe the damage. It’s important to apply pressure with clean gauze or cloth over the cuts to stop the bleeding.

Search for the Missing Tooth

If the blow caused the expulsion of the tooth or a fragment of it out of the mouth, the ideal is to look for it. When you find it, take care not to touch the root and wash it for a few seconds under clean water without rubbing it.

Go to the Dentist

We have already mentioned the importance of going to the dentist as soon as possible. Acting quickly improves the prognosis of the situation since there are procedures that can only be done in the first hours after the blow.

emergency dentist in cherry hills performs procedure

Need an Emergency Dentist in Cherry Hills?

Being able to stay calm and handle the situation properly is imperative. Think clearly, take a deep breath, and then proceed to act. Don’t waste time and visit your specialist immediately. If you need attention, call us at Sopris Smiles to for an appointment!